Now in front of your eyes – the new Optibet Virsliga website

Welcome to the new internet home of Optibet Virsliga! Today we turn a new page on our internet platform, which will be more convenient and user-friendly, with much larger functionality.

The previous homepage of Virsliga with different design upgrades was used for 10 years and had exhausted its resources.

While creating the new page for Virsliga the goal was to make it as user-friendly as possible so that all the information can be found with only a few clicks. Seeing tendencies in the sports industry it was created as an entertainment platform.

One of our additions that sports fans will enjoy is the prediction game. By creating an account each and every user now can make his predictions on the outcomes of Optibet Virsliga games and win different prizes. The new homepage is adjusted for use of mobile devices and tablets.

The new homepage has multiple modern solutions, that will allow the users to reach a previously unseen amount of data and statistics. The integration of Comet and Wyscout means that each and every visitor can find statistics of all Virsliga clubs and players that haven’t been possible prior to the release of the page – and all that comes with just a few easy clicks.

From now on while watching the live video of the games you will also be able to see team line-ups, while the integration of Flickr and YouTube will provide easy access to highlights, press conferences as well as all the photos.

When opening each club’s profile you can find the photo galleries from the team’s games, but that is not all – when selecting a specific player and opening his profile you will be able to see pictures of him.

“The new concept of the homepage was made by the staff of Virsliga. We analyzed all homepages of UEFA leagues, drew conclusions, and discussed in which direction we wanted to go. We decided that we wanted to avoid the usual format which is why we invited a very well-known artist – Zoran Lucić to create the title page as a real form of a gallery of football art because we wanted to merge football and art.

We are proud of the end result that we could achieve by our Virsliga team working together with our partners Codeopera. During the work process we had many challenges, especially merging together multiple statistics platforms, I am convinced that the sports fans will appreciate what is now in front of their eyes’’ – Maksims Krivunecs, chairman of the board of Latvijas Futbola Virsliga.