M.Torres and S.Perkovic from Riga FC – the best in Virsliga during the month of August

In August Riga FC won in all four of their ‘’Optibet Virsliga’’ games and their forward Marcelo Torres and head coach Sandro Perkovic was named the best in their respective categories.

Riga not only won but also demonstrated beautiful football, scoring 12 (!) goals in four games. For Argentinian Marcelo Torres it was particularly prolific – he scored five goals and made a mark with at least one in each of his team’s matches.

The candidates for the best player award are named by the Latvian Football Federation’s (LFF) board of coaches and ‘’Latvijas Futbola Virsliga’’. These were the candidates for the best player of the month: M.Toress (‘’Riga FC’’), Dodo (‘’Liepāja’’), Eduards Višņakovs (‘’SK Super Nova Salaspils’’), Kristaps Zommers (‘’SK Super Nova Salaspils’’), Masaki Murata (‘’Valmiera FC’’).

After the conclusion of the journalist and fan vote, it was decided that the best player for the month of August would be 23-year-old M.Torres.

We remind you that the best player award is put forward by the LFF board of coaches and ‘’Latvijas Futbola Virsliga’’, which is followed by the vote of sports journalists and fans on social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The best coach is named by the LFF board of coaches.